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"My name is Awa Nyambi and I'm currently a senior at Woodlands High School. I'd like to thank the African American Men of Westchester for honoring me with this award. Dr. King is a man I've idolized since I first learned about his triumphs in my elementary school days. To be recognized for work that corresponds with his at such a young age is something I could only dream of. This award means so much more than just the physialreadycal representation, or even the praise. For me, this award is a stepping stone towards greater feats of social justice. This award means that I'm on the right path to truly fulfilling Dr. King's dream.


It was such an honor to receive this award. I am just so happy and thankful. It inspired me to do many more things to help people even more. I am so thankful to all the people that helped me win this award.  I loved the ceremony it was really nice. I walked into the ballroom and I was rendered speechless. The room was beautiful. I also made a new friend, Grace, who also won an award, was really nice and I enjoyed meeting her and we even took a picture together. Everyone was talking about how we can really make it far in life and I was so inspired. When I'm older I want to help people, I don't know how yet, but I do know I want to help those around me. I would also like to thank Ms. Joyce Turnipseed for nominating me and The African-American Men of Westchester for the scholarship so I will be able to help even more people and inspire my peers.

Karina Roberts-Morris, Peekskill Middle School
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Award Winner
January 2015


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Legacy Youth Award means a lot to me because it recognizes my efforts and hard work in keeping youths off of the streets, and their lives on track.  The results I have seen since 2012 when I became an inaugural member of the City of White Plains Community Youth Court, serving in various judicial positions including judge and prosecutor has been gratifying to me, and has inspired me to continue doing more good deeds.  I am very proud to have been recognized by elected officials and dignitaries.  It has been a great honor to be the recipient of such a prestigious award. Dr. King inspired me to get involved in my community and I feel an obligation to continue with the work he started. I vow to keep Dr. Kings legacy alive.  The celebration was well organized and I would like to thank the committee for a job well done.

Amanda Grant, White Plains High School


Winning the MLK Legacy Youth Award was an exhilarating experience. 
The excitement in the room was electric and it was so exciting to see so many people gathered together to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Meeting the other winners and talking with them about their successes was another great moment and we developed a real sense of community that day.  I was so impressed with their many accomplishments.

Winning the award was a very emotional experience for me.  I realized how far I had come when making my acceptance speech and was overcome with emotion thinking about how much my family and friends helped me to get there. I felt very humbled and blessed.

Meeting members of The African America. Men of Westchester only motivates me more to grow and develop RecoveRead. I want to make them even more proud of me and show them that I take their faith in me very seriously.

Grace Ring, Yorktown High School 



AAMW Sponsor Testimonial-Entergy Nuclear
Why Does Entergy Support the AAMW INC.?
Entergy has a long history of support for the community, and we believe that reinvesting in the communities where we live and work will enhance the vitality and quality of life in those areas that are in large part, responsible for our success.  The diversity that AAMW represents is important because we are living in a changing world, and is an imperative that will help Entergy achieve business success.
The programs and activities of the AAMW, and its membership’s involvement in the community are totally consistent with Entergy’s motto of “lighting the way to a brighter future by investing in our communities”.   We are both committed to diversity, expanding educational opportunities, preparation for the challenges of a changing business world, and developing a sense of community service among our young people.
Programs and activities like the Business Skills Olympics, the Brotherhood Breakfast, and Education Forums are just a few examples of the vast talents, resources, and commitment that the AAMW have utilized to make Westchester a better place for all of us.  I hope you will join with Entergy Nuclear and continue to support the AAMW to address the critical issues that face us all.   


What did the Business Skills Olympics do for me? It gave me the confidence to realize that I too could accomplish any problem set before me. The program gave me the professional tools that I have carried into my successful career today.


Jane Ellen Henderson
White Plains High School Graduate, presently Wall Street Stock Broker 

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