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About Us

Our Mission

AAMW is committed to developing and encouraging collaborative action to strengthen the economic, social, and educational foundation of our communities.

Values & Goals

Through the bonds of brotherhood and fellowship, the spirit of collective work and responsibility, and a strong commitment to community - we can make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Membership Requirements

Interested in joining? Membership into our organization is by invitation only. Potential members are sponsored by a currently active AAMW member. We are a very active organization and the commitment of time and program participation is essential for all members.

AAMW is also member-supported by membership dues and other financial fees that each participant commits to upon acceptance into the organization. For those who live or work in Westchester County and are interested in joining AAMW we recommend that you become more familiar with our group and its members by participating in one or more of our events (see programs on this website).

By joining our committees and helpinf plan our events and workshops potential members will gain insight and see first hand our membership’s commitment to serving the community.

WE make a difference!